Doli systems Enterprise Service Bus For Service Management
Enterprises around the world are embracing the Cloud, and in particular are increasing their adoption of software as a service (SaaS) and Cloud based applications. While SaaS applications deliver rapid use and lower costs, they have also created the next set of application integrations, data integration and workflow challenges.Many of the Service Management applications are in on-premise Silos with in the organizations or are moving to the cloud. Integrating the data flow between these applications and across the cloud are challenging.

Doli systems ESB provides a simple and easy way to integrate with these Applications using either native integrations or open api's such as Webservices, XML, etc enabling to create orchestration that spans across both SaaS and on-premise applications.

Doli systems ESB is a software application that simplifies data flow between applications in Service Management. Service Management spans across multiple functions in an organization such as Service Desk, Network and Systems Management, Inventory and Configuration Management, Business Process Management. Each functional area is managed by software addressing that area. An enterprise eventually has many software packages from multiple vendors. In most cases the events generated from one package is relevant to events generated in the other

Policy Main Screen

ESB-Report Screen